How To Sign Hold In Asl

The sign for “hold” in ASL is made by extending your arm out in front of you and then bending your hand at the wrist so that your fingers are pointing downwards. The thumb is also bent, so that it is sticking out to the side. This sign is then held in place while you say the word “hold.”

How To Sign Hold In Asl

In ASL, to sign “hold in” you would use the following handshape: B held against your chest with your palm facing out. You would then use a quick motion to move your hand up and down in front of your body.

-a piece of paper -a writing utensil

  • Extend index and middle fingers of both hands while keeping the other fingers curled
  • Touch the tips of the extended fingers to the thumb of the same hand
  • Do this gesture with the other hand
  • Form fists with both hands

-When signing “hold,” use a flat hand and touch the thumb to the index finger. -Extend the arm out from the shoulder and keep your palm facing down. -Move your hand up and down in a smooth motion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Sign On In Asl?

To sign on in ASL, you make the sign for “computer” and then the sign for “on.”

How Do You Sign Stay?

In American Sign Language, you sign “stay” by making the ASL letter “S” handshape and bringing it down in front of your body. You then hold it there for a beat.

How Do You Sign Waiting In Asl?

I sign WAITING by making an L-shape with my left hand and placing it in front of my chest. I then rock my hand back and forth.

In Summary

In order to sign “hold in,” use the signs for “hold” and “in.” Hold your hand out in front of you with your palm facing downward. Use your other hand to tap your middle finger on the top of your held hand.

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