How To Sign Hours

Signing hours is a process of certifying that the hours worked by an employee were actually worked. It is a way to document employee time and protect both the employer and the employee from possible disputes or misunderstandings about the amount of time worked. Hourly employees should sign their hours worked on a daily basis, or at least weekly. Supervisors should also sign off on the hours worked by their subordinates.

How To Sign Hours

There is no one definitive way to sign hours. Some people might use a simple hourglass symbol, while others might use the number of hours with a line through it. Still others might use a more creative way to sign hours, such as drawing an actual hourglass or using Roman numerals.

pencil, paper

  • write your name, the date, and the time on the sign
  • In sheet. 2. write the total hours you worked on that day. 3. initial and date next to your hours

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Sign In Time?

There is no one definitive way to sign in time. Depending on the culture and context, different signers may use different signs, or a combination of signs, to indicate the concept of time.

How Do You Sign Now?

In ASL, the sign “now” is made by extending the index finger of your dominant hand and pointing it straight up. You then rapidly move your hand forward and down while keeping your finger pointed straight up.

How Do You Signnow?

The sign for “now” is made by drawing a clockwise circle with your dominant hand. The index finger should be pointing up.

To Review

When signing hours, make sure to use an unambiguous and consistent system. This will help ensure that everyone is clear about how the hours are being tallied.

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