How To Sign Orange In Asl

In ASL, “orange” is typically signed by making a “C” handshape with the thumb and index finger touching, and then moving it up to the side of your head.

How To Sign Orange In Asl

In ASL, when you want to sign “orange,” you hold your hand in front of you, with your palm facing down and your fingers together. Then, you use your thumb to make a small circle on the back of your hand.

-A piece of paper -A pen or pencil

  • With your other hand, grasp the orange at the stem end
  • Extend your dominant hand out in front of you, palm facing down
  • Bring the orange up to your dominant hand and twist it so that the stem is pointing

When signing “orange” in ASL, you should use the handshape for “O” and place it slightly below your chin. You should then move your hand up and to the right, keeping your palm facing down.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Asl Sign For Color?

The ASL sign for color is “COLR”.

What Is The Asl Sign For Grey?

The ASL sign for GREY is made by making a fist and then moving it from side to side in front of your face.

What Is The Sign For Search?

The sign for “search” is made by making a circular motion with your index finger and thumb.

To Summarize

In ASL, orange is signed by extending the dominant hand and touching it to the chin, then moving it outward.

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