How To Speak Grounder Language From The 100

In The 100, Grounder is the language spoken by the Grounders, a group of people who survived the apocalypse on Earth. It is a derivative of English, with additional words and phrases specific to the culture of the Grounders.

How To Speak Grounder Language From The 100

There is no one definitive way to learn the grounder language from the 100. However, there are a few techniques that may be useful. One approach is to watch the show and listen to the characters speak. This will give you a sense of the rhythm and pronunciation of the language. You can then practice speaking it yourself by repeating phrases from the show. Another approach is to find grounder learning resources online. There are a number of websites and videos that offer lessons in grounder. You

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the required tools and materials for learning how to speak Grounders from The 100 will vary depending on your personal learning style and preferences. However, some suggested tools and materials that may be helpful include a dictionary or glossary of Grounders words and phrases, audio recordings of native speakers speaking Grounders, and online resources such as websites and forums specifically devoted to the study of the Grounders language. Additionally, it is

  • ) learn the greetings and how to say goodbye in grounder. 2) learn how to ask and answer questions in grounder. 3) study common phrases and words used in everyday conversation. 4) listen to audio

There are a few things to consider when speaking the grounder language from the 100. First, remember to use a gruff, low voice when speaking. This will help you sound more like a grounder and less like an outsider. Additionally, try to use words and phrases that are specific to the grounder culture. This will help you communicate better with the locals. Finally, be patient and take the time to learn the language properly. It will make interactions with the grounder community much

Frequently Asked Questions

What Language Did The 100 Speak?

The hundred people in the story spoke a language that is no longer spoken.

Who Made The Language Trigedasleng?

The language Trigedasleng was created by linguist David J. Peterson for the TV series, “The 100”.

Is Trigedasleng An Actual Language?

Yes, Trigedasleng is an actual language. It was created for the TV series “The 100” and is primarily used by the characters from the Grounders faction.


From the 100, we’ve learned that to speak Grounder language, one must first learn the words and phrases that pertain to survival. After that, one can learn about the culture and people of the Grounders.

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