How To Speak Minionese

Minionese is the language spoken by minions, the small, yellow henchmen who serve the villainous Gru in the Despicable Me films. It is a simple and childish language, consisting of mostly monosyllabic words and phrases. To speak Minionese, all you need to do is say the words exactly as they are written here.

How To Speak Minionese

Minionese is the language spoken by Minions, which is a fictional race of creatures that appear in the Despicable Me franchise. Although it has never been officially translated, there are numerous fan translations available online. The language is characterized by its use of simply constructed words and phrases, as well as its distinctive Minion intonation. In many cases, the words and phrases are based on English words and phrases, but with slight alterations in spelling or pronunciation. For example,

Minionese is a fictional language spoken by minions in the Despicable Me film series and its spin-offs. It is a simplified form of English, with a vocabulary limited to words that are easy to pronounce, minion-like and mostly Anglophone. The language’s development was overseen by linguist David Crystal. To speak Minionese, you will need: -A minion voice actor -A Minionese translator -Some Minion toys or

  • To speak minionese, start with the word “despicable”
  • Then say the phrase you want to say in minionese
  • End with “me” despicable me!

-Minionese is a constructed language that was specifically designed for the Minions from the Despicable Me movie franchise. -There is no one definitive way to speak Minionese, as each Minion has their own unique dialect. However, there are some general tips that can help you speak like a Minion. -First and foremost, keep your sentences short and simple. Minions speak in short, easy-to-understand phrases. -Be sure to use plenty of

Frequently Asked Questions

Can U Learn Minionese?

Minionese is a language spoken by Minions, creatures that appear in the Despicable Me franchise. While it is not possible to learn Minionese fluently, it is possible to pick up some words and phrases.

How Do You Say Hi In Minionese?

Hello in Minionese is “Aloha”.

What Language Is Minionese Based On?

Minionese is based on a made-up language by the creators of the Minion characters for the Despicable Me movies.


Minionese is a constructed language used by Minions in the Despicable Me franchise. It is a simplified and exaggerated form of English, with a vocabulary of about 900 words. It is not possible to speak Minionese without prior knowledge of the language, as the words are not pronounced as they are spelled.

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