How To Speak Trigedasleng

Trigedasleng is the language spoken by the Grounders on The 100. It is a dialect of English, with some words borrowed from other languages such as Russian and Japanese. The language has been described as “harsh” and “grating”, with a lot of harsh consonants.

How To Speak Trigedasleng

Trigedasleng is a constructed language that was specifically designed for the TV series The 100. The language is a mixture of English and several Native American languages, and is spoken by the Grounders – a group of survivors from Earth who have been living on the ground since the nuclear apocalypse. There is no one definitive way to speak trigedasleng, as the language is constantly evolving and changing. However, some basic tips on how to speak it include using

In order to speak trigedasleng fluently, you will need a basic knowledge of the language and its grammar, as well as access to some resources that can help you learn it. There are a few websites and online courses that offer instruction in trigedasleng, and there are also some textbooks available that can teach you the basics. You may also want to find a native speaker to help you with your pronunciation and to practice with.

  • trigedasleng is a language spoken by the grounders on the tv show “the 100”. 2. it is a derivative of english, with some modifications to make it more suitable for the world of the 100

– Trigedasleng is a unique language that has been created specifically for the TV series “The 100”. While there are some similarities to English, there are also many differences, which can make it difficult to learn at first. Here are a few tips to help you get started: – First of all, it’s important to remember that trigedasleng is spoken in a different rhythm than English. Try to relax and speak more slowly than you would normally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trigedasleng An Actual Language?

There is no certain answer, as the language has not been specifically studied. However, it appears to be a real language, with a grammar and vocabulary that differ from English.

How Do You Speak Trigedasleng Language?

The Trigedasleng language was originally created for the TV series “The 100”. It is a mix of English and various Native American languages. To speak Trigedasleng, you would say the word in English and then add the corresponding Native American word. For example, “hello” would be “nawtah bowtay”, which means “peaceful greeting”.

How Do You Say Hello In Trigedasleng?

Howdy in Trigedasleng!

Taking Everything Into Account

Trigedasleng is a language spoken by the Grounders on The 100. It is a very difficult language to learn, with many unique sounds and words. However, with enough practice, it is possible to become fluent in Trigedasleng.

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