How To Spell Dimitri In Greek

Dimitri is a name that can be spelled a few different ways in Greek, but the most common way is Δημήτριος.

How To Spell Dimitri In Greek

The Greek spelling of Dimitri is Δημήτριος.

To spell Dimitri in Greek, you will need a pen or pencil, paper, and the Greek alphabet.

  • The first letter is “d”, the second letter is “i”, the third letter is “m”, the fourth letter is “
  • Dimitri is spelled “διμίτριο” in greek

1. Dimitri is a common name in Greece, spelled Ντημίτρι in the Greek alphabet. 2. Dimitri is pronounced “deem-eet-ree” in English. 3. Dimitri is one of the most common names in Greece, so there are many variations of the spelling, including: Dimitris, Dimitry, Dmitri, Dmitrij, and Dmitro. 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dimitri Greek For James?

Dimitri is not Greek for James. Dimitri is a Greek name and James is a Hebrew name.

Is Dmitri A Greek Name?

No, Dmitri is not a Greek name.

Is The Name Dimitri Russian Or Greek?

Dimitri is a Russian name, derived from Dmitry.

To Review

Dimitri is a common name in Greece, typically spelled Δημήτριος.

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