How To Spell Manger

The word “manger” is derived from the Latin word “mangone”, meaning “mouthful”. In English, it means a feeding trough for animals, especially in a stable. The word is first recorded in the 13th century and initially meant “a trough used as a food dish, especially for cattle”.

How To Spell Manger

Manger is a French word meaning “to eat.” It is also the name of a manger scene, or Nativity scene, where the baby Jesus is placed in a hay-filled trough. In English, manger is typically spelled without the accent mark over the “e.”

There is no one definitive way to spell “manger.” Some acceptable spellings include “manger,” “manger,” and “mangier.”

  • Start by writing m
  • Ger next, spell out the word one letter at a time m is for manger a is for and n is for near g
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-There is no one definitive way to spell “manger.” Some common variants include “manger,” “manger,” and “manger.” -However, the most accurate spelling is actually “manger” with an “e.” This is because the word comes from the French word “manger,” which means “to eat.” The “e” is included in the word to reflect this original French spelling. -Despite this, the other variants are still commonly used and

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Word Meaning Of Manger?

A manger is a feeding trough for livestock, especially horses and cattle.

What Is The English Name For Manger?

The English name for manger is crib.

What Is The Full Form Of Manger?

Manger is a French word meaning “to eat”. In English, it is used as a noun to refer to the feeding trough for animals.

In The End

Manger is a French word that means “to eat.” It is used in the English language to refer to the manger or feeding trough used by Jesus and his disciples. The word “manger” is used both as a noun and a verb. As a noun, it refers to the feeding trough, and as a verb, it means “to eat.”

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