How To Spell Rabbit

The word “rabbit” is typically spelled “rabbit” although “rabit” is an accepted alternative spelling.

How To Spell Rabbit

There are multiple ways to spell rabbit, including: rabbit, rabbet, and rabbitt.

A pencil, paper, and an online dictionary.

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  • Rabbit is spelled r

There are many different ways to spell rabbit. Some of the more common ways are rabbit, rabit, and rabbitt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Called Rabbit In English?

There are several words for “rabbit” in English, including “coney,” “bunny,” and “cony.”

Which Type Of Noun Is Rabbit?

There are four types of nouns: proper, common, collective, and abstract. A rabbit is a proper noun, which refers to a specific, named creature.

What Is Rabbit Called In English?

The most common name for a rabbit in English is just “rabbit.”


The correct spelling for the word “rabbit” is “rabbit.”

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