How To Type Devanagari In Word

Devanagari, also known as Nagari, is the writing system used for the Hindi, Marathi, and Nepali languages. In Microsoft Word, you can type Devanagari by using the Windows 10 IME keyboard.

How To Type Devanagari In Word

There is no one definitive way to type Devanagari in Microsoft Word. However, the following are some methods that may work: 1. Use the Windows Character Map: Open the Windows Character Map by selecting Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map. In the Character Map window, select the character you want to type, then copy and paste it into your document. 2. Type Devanagari using an IME: An IME (

In order to type Devanagari script in Microsoft Word, you will need a keyboard layout that supports it. Windows includes a Devanagari keyboard layout, but you can also install third-party keyboard layouts.

  • In the ‘options’ window, select ‘advanced’
  • Click on the ‘file’ tab and select ‘options’
  • Under the ‘fonts’ tab, scroll down to the ‘dev
  • Open microsoft word

1. Go to the Insert tab and click on Symbol. 2. In the Symbol window, select Devanagari from the list on the right and click Insert. 3. The Devanagari character will be inserted into your document at the cursor position. 4. To type a Devanagari character, hold down the ALT key and type the number on the numeric keypad that corresponds to the character you want to type.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Switch To Hindi In Word?

If you want to type in Hindi in Microsoft Word, you will first need to install the Hindi language pack. Once it is installed, you can change the language settings in Word to Hindi.

How Can I Write Hindi Numbers In Windows 10?

To write Hindi numbers in Windows 10, you must first enable the Hindi language keyboard. Once enabled, you can type Hindi numbers by pressing the corresponding keys on the keyboard.

How Can I Type Hindi Numbers In Word?

There is no direct way to type Hindi numbers in Word. However, you can type the Hindi words for the numbers and then use the built-in AutoCorrect feature to convert them to the corresponding Arabic numerals.


There are a few ways to type Devanagari in Microsoft Word. One way is to install an Indian language keyboard layout, which will allow you to type Devanagari directly. Another way is to use the Character Map tool to insert the characters into your document.

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