How To Use Nee

Nee is a Japanese word meaning “need.” In English, it can be used as a verb, noun, or adjective. As a verb, it means “to require,” “to need,” or “to want.” As a noun, it means “a requirement” or “a need.” As an adjective, it means “necessary.”

How To Use Nee

in a sentence Nee can be used as a request for someone to do something, or as a way of asking someone to repeat themselves.

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  • In order to use nee in a sentence, you must first conjugate the word to fit the desired tense
  • Nee is a taiwanese word that can be translated to mean “want.”
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There are a few ways to use nee in a sentence. One way is to use it as a question, asking for someone’s opinion. For example, “What do you think? Nee?” Another way is to use it as a term of endearment, similar to “dear” or “sweetie.” For example, “Nee, I love you.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Nee Stand For?

‘Nee’ is Dutch for ‘no’.

Can You Use Nee For A Man?

Yes, nee can be used for a man. It is a less formal form of the word “nee” and can be used in place of it in most cases.

How Do You Write Maiden Name Nee?

The traditional way to write someone’s maiden name is as Née (with a circumflex over the “e”), meaning “born [as a woman]”.


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